Morgans Spirit Trio Pack

Morgans Spirit Trio Pack

Morgans Spirit Trio Pack includes a 700ml bottle of each of our spirits:

Sloe Gin: Handpicked sloe berries from two-hundred-year-old Tasmanian slow berry bushes are the key to this sweet and spicy spirit. This bitter berry soaked in our whey base spirit with juniper, botanicals and herbs results in this berry and baking spice splendour. Enjoy on its own with ice, in a Sloe Gin Sour or with tonic and lemon for an experience you’re not going to forget.

London Dry Gin: An incredible balance of flavours packed into a 700ml bottle. Bursting with grapefruit & limes, accompanied by pepper berry, juniper and cucumber. This supple spirit will pair well with all citrus fruits but is delectable enough to enjoy solo or with just a light tonic.

Whey Vodka: Triple distilled from Whey from local Yarra Valley fromageries lets us produce our very own base spirit. We are one of two distilleries in Australia to produce our own base spirit. The Whey Vodka has a complex yet smooth flavour. Aromas of raspberry and savoury cream make this Vodka perfect for martinis or simply on ice.



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