A Sloe Journey…

A Sloe Journey…

Our Sloe Gin is one of our most popular creations at Morgans Winery & Distillery. However, it isn’t the easiest Gin in the world to create!

Because Sloe Berries are really only found in the UK, Europe and in tiny pockets of Northern Tasmania, Sloe Gin is a rare treat in Australia.

Sloe Berries aren’t grown commercially here either, so they can’t be purchased in commercial quantities.

So for this reason, once a year when the weather gets cold, around the end of May to early June, the owners of Morgans and good friends set off on a trip to a very English, picturesque part of Northern Tasmania to hand pick Sloe Berries from 200 year old Sloe Berry bushes located on a beautiful estate in a secret location backing onto the Cradle Mountain National Park.

It’s a rotten job and very slow going, as Sloe Berries grow on horrible spikey bushes.

But once the job is done, we reward ourselves with some fine Tasmanian fare such as their famous Scallop pies, and especially fresh oysters shucked and eaten.

Once home our Sloe Berries are steeped for a minimum of 18 months in our special gin recipe until the amazing colour and beautiful spices have been drawn out.

Then our specially crafted Sloe Gin is hand bottled and hand labelled onsite again by us.

We think you will very much enjoy the results of our time and effort, many have!

Sloe Gin is a beautiful sipping Gin and goes magnificently with a cigar.

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